Mia Moves Me

Dance Therapy Workout

REAL LIFE in-studio classes are BACK!
Tuesdays at 5:30pm at Basement of NoHo. Just $10 per class bc I’m not greedy like Bezos🤗

Capacity is limited, so email miamovesme@gmail.com or book on ClassPass to reserve your spot. For more info or questions feel free to reach out there too!

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Hey I’m Mia! First things first, I want you to know that I don’t take myself very seriously. My dance secret is 90% commitment 10% talent. I’m a self taught dancer who learned to dance in my bedroom by imitating full grown drunk adults on MTV’s spring break. No dance classes, just me at 10 years old dancing in my room to the foam parties of the 90’s!

My ultimate goal is tricking your brain into thinking you are just having a chill time channeling your inner teen when in actuality you are mere moments from fainting because we are HARDCORE WORKING OUT.

But seriously ya'll, if you feel like joining this crusade, you'll walk away LOOKING like you just fell in a carnival dunk tank and FEELING like you spent thousands on therapy because the emotional release from these dances is REAL.

Also, before we go ANY further, you should know that if you decide to take this class you WILL have fun (that's a promise and a threat!)

Q's and A's

A- ‘Mia Moves Me’ is a full-out + light-hearted 50 minute cardio dance class that is a H to T workout - I'm talking brains to feets baby! You’ll get a versatile blend of high powered HIIT-style cardio + body-weight toning that's all hidden inside the pretty package of DANCE. We will clear your mind and free your bod! If you are not 14 you will feel 14 again but like, a 14 year old with the life experience of a grown ass adult.

Q- Is this a beginner class or do you have to be a real dancer?
A- This is open to all levels and is an every person dance class! Fun moves in an easy follow along format. This is a perfect go-between of a gym style Zumba class and a Millennium workshop. People of all levels have described my class as challenging both as a workout and choreography-wise without being TOO overwhelming. Whether you exclusively dance in your bedroom or are a profesh dancer I think you likey.

Q- Are you the kind of teacher that makes it really high stakes for no reason and/or runs around yelling at people?
A - NO. NO. and also NO. I'm a nice person and I want you to enjoy yourself and naturally be into this! I myself will be taking it quite seriously because of who I am as a person and hope you “commit to the bit” with me (ie: go full out and have a great time/great workout) But you are in charge. You paid for this and this is your time.

Q- What kind of music do you play?
A- We dance to the likes of Lizzo, PSY, J Balvin, Ariana Grande, LSD, Demi Lovato, Macklemore, Tones and I, Sisqo, Fifth Harmony, Sia, Yellowclaw, Hozier, and much much more! The music is eclectic and good, promise. Check out the ‘Mia Moves Me’ Spotify Playlist!
(click on little Spotify icon when you get to that part in the website)

Q- Do you have other instructors teach the classes sometimes?
A- Like Danny Devito says to Rhea Pearlman, "It's me or nobody!"
($100 if you know what that's from)

Q- Will I sweat?
A- Oh hunty you will SWEAT. And more than just salt and water! You will walk away feeling lighter emotionally too. Tis’ science. I always say come for the workout, stay for the emotional release! #SweatTherapy

Q- What should I bring/wear/do before class?
A- I suggest water, a small towel, and wear something you can move freely and feel good in! Sneakers are a must. I also recommend not eating 1-2 hours before class, It’ll weigh ya down. A small snack before for energy would be great though! Also try to get in a 'go with the flow' mindset. The less you overthink, the more fun you'll have and the better your workout will be!

Q- How much for a class?
Single Class Drop in - an easy peasy $10 bucks!
Pay with cash, credit card, venmo or your first born child.
Email me to secure a spot! miamovesme@gmail.com

Q- When?
(class cancellations will be posted on this website otherwise it’s on like donkey kong)

Q- Where?
A- Basement of NoHo
5259 Lankershim Blvd, #C, North Hollywood, CA, 91601
(Proceed straight downstairs to the London Studio, someone will check you in!)

There's plentiful street parking available on Lankershim and a small free parking lot in the alley behind.

Also maybe you wanna know about where we dance? The studio is 1000 sq ft., has sprung and floating maple floors, 8.5 ft tall mirrors and a 20 ft ceiling! You'll also have access to the super clean dressing rooms AND bathrooms, wow cool.


If you can vibe with any of this we can get along.

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R U ready for this jelly?

I always prefer to see what I'm getting into before committing.

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If you have ANY questions/comments/concerns, please don't hesitate to send me a message using the form below, send me an email, or just come say hi to me on insta!

Smell ya later!